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Jun 26

Benefit Found In Meta-Analysis of Physical Activity For Cancer Patients; from British Journal of Medicine


August 12, 2012


A meta-analysis of existing studies has found clinically important benefits from physical activity for cancer patients who were finished with their treatments. Improvements were found in physical function and quality of life. 


The analysis looked at 34 randomized controlled studies of breast cancer and physical activity. 22 trials studied the effect of aerobic exercise, and 4 included strength training. 


Improvements were seen in physiology, body composition, physical functions, psychological outcomes, and quality of life for patients who were physically active. When studies of cancers other than breast were included, physical activity was linked to lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and body weight, as well as improved quality of life.


The analysis was funded by the World Cancer Research Fund, and published in the British Medical Journal, Jan. 2012.