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Jun 26

Elderly and Frail Benefit From Exercise; from Journals of Gerontology


September 07, 2012


The elderly, including those considered frail, see benefits from exercise in their physical and cognitive faculties, and quality of life, according to a new study. Researchers associated with the Universite de Montreal found that benefits appeared after only 3 months of regular exercise.


There were 83 participants between age 61 and 89 in the study, 43 of whom took part in group exercise programs three times per week for 12 weeks. The 40 in the control group did not participate in the exercise programs. Some of the participants were considered frail, which causes them to be at greater risk for falls, hospitalizations and cognitive decline. 


Compared to the control group, the exercisers showed larger improvements in functional capacities and physical endurance, cognitive performance, including working memory and decision-making, and quality of life. Importantly, benefits were equivalent between frail and non-frail participants. 


The study was published online on the Journals of Gerontology's website.