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Only in the darkness can you see the stars. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

Jan 15


I am passionate about the benefits of exercise for cancer survivors. I try to impart a sense of hope and empowerment in my workshops while giving people useful information that they can take away and use in their daily lives.


I make them laugh; I make them cry; I make them lift weights.


I provide participants in my workshops with the latest information on cancer and fitness, exercises, and useful training tips. No special equipment is needed.


Some of my workshops include:

  • Workshops for specific cancers (breast cancer, prostate, lung, etc.)
  • Strength training & lymphedema
  • Strength training for women
  • Getting started when you're weakened from treatment


Through other speaking engagements, my goal is to inspire and educate. Drawing on my experience with breast cancer and the empowerment of exercise, I speak about cancer, survivorship, empowerment, goals, and, of course, the benefits of exercise. I have spoken for survivor functions, panel discussions, and on several internet radio programs.


For more information, contact Julie directly: julie@life-cise.com

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